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Afterschool Program

Summer School

Winter Camp

Afterschool Program

Kindergarten – 8th


Caring, experienced teachers


Clean, safe, & large facility


Kindergarten: up to 13 kids
1st—5th: up to 15 kids


For students who need the extra help to catch up or moveup in English and/or Math, we offer tutoring in private (1-on-1) or semin-private (up to 3 students) sessions.

Writing Class:

Learning how to move through the writing process is an important skill for any writer! Unleash the writer in you while developing your creativity and writing skills!

Chinese Class:
Students will learn and demonstrate their mastery through reading, writing, and conversation practice.

Chess Class:
Students will practice strategical thinking through the game of chess!

Art Class:
Students will engage in 3-dimensional creation, grow an appreciation for famous paintings, explore illustrator creation, and lots more!


Semi-Private: $250 / 10 hours
Private: $350 / 10 hours
Special! Sign up for 10 hours of tutoring & get 1 FREE!

Writing: $10 / class
Chinese (3rd to 5th): $10 / class
Chess: $16 / class
Arts: $25 / class


Material Fees: $85.00/semester
Registration Fees: $25.00/semester

5-Day Program

Kindergarten: $115 / week
1st-5th Grade: $105 / week
6th-8th Grade: $115 / week

4-Day Program

Kindergarten: $100 / week
1st-5th Grade: $95 / week
6th-8th Grade: $100 / week


5 Days: $22/ week
4 Days: $19.50/ week

Thanksgiving Holiday Special Day Camp

We offer special 3-day camp during Thanksgiving holidays.
Camp Gratitude 11/25~11/27/2019
Register before 11/8 will receive a 10% discount!

Winter - Camp Around the World

We offer special winter camp during school winter break!
Camp Around the World  12/19~1/3/2019
(exclude Christmas eve & Christmas day; New Year’s eve and New Year’s day)
Register before 12/6 will receive a 10% discount!

Summer School

We offer 3 types of summer program:

Summer Camp, Academic Camp, and English Immersion Program

Summer Camp

Bright Hope summer camp is an exciting experience for every child.

We believe in developing character and community where children can be strengthened to face daily challenges.

Your children will have a stimulating, adventure-filled experience as they are encouraged to “Go Beyond” their existing abilities to discover their sense of purpose and hidden potential. With exciting new STEM activities every week, students will be making cool hands-on projects and developing vital critical thinking skills in no time.

It’s great summer fun for outer space travelers of all sizes!

New STEM and CODING Immersion for 6th-8th-Grade Students

Have fun developing problem-solving and critical thinking skills in creative ways this summer! Through a series of adventurous mini-lessons and interactive projects, students will experience the thrill of coding games, building robots, launching rockets, and planning kingdoms along with many more challenges!

Topics explored:
Engineering, Robotics, Edible science, Environmental science, Game design, and Programming fundamentals

Register NOW and get ready to LAUNCH

Positive Community

Character Building

Enrichment Classes

Exciting field trips

Academic Camp

At Bright Hope, we aim to awaken the potential of our students through a positive learning environment and personalized support. With our engaging, effective learning activities, the students will sharpen their skill and gain the confidence to be successful in the upcoming year.
In our Academic Camp, we focus on concepts in writing, reading comprehension, and math to prepare and equip our students with the skills needed to master their academics.

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School-aligned curriculum

STEM program

Enrichment Classes







第一期: 7/15-8/2/2019
第二期: 8/5-8/23/2019

註冊費: $100   材料費: $100  每期學费: $1,500