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Afterschool Program

Summer School

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Afterschool Program

Kindergarten – 6th


Caring, experienced teachers


Clean, safe, & large facility


Kindergarten: up to 2:20
1st—6th: up to 2:24


We provide quality, personalized instruction to students who need additional support in Math / English in a private (1 on 1) session.

Chinese Class:
Students will expand conversations about the world around them and further their learning of Chinese characters to build reading and writing skills.

Chess Class:
Begin today with critical thinking and make your cognitive move count! Learn how to play chess or sharpen your skill with our wonderful chess coach.

Art Class:
Students will engage in 3-dimensional creation, grow an appreciation for famous paintings, explore illustrator creation, and lots more!

Piano Class:
Students will learn the fundamentals of sight reading, technique, and theory, including fun songs into the lessons,


Private 1 on 1: $45 / hour

Chinese: $15 / class

Chess: $20 / class

Arts: $30 / class

Piano: $25/ class


Material Fees: $100.00/semester
Registration Fees: $25.00/semester

5-Day Program

Kindergarten and 6th Grade: $165 / week
1st-5th Grade: $155 / week

4-Day Program

Kindergarten and 6th Grade: $148 / week
1st-5th Grade: $136 / week


5 Days: $35/ week
4 Days: $30/ week

Summer School

Summer Camp

Get ready for a summer full of fun, learning, and the community at the 2023 Bright Hope Summer Camp!
This year, we will spin the spinner, beat the clock, skip ahead, and level up with the kids to learn the valuable characters that’ll guide them through all the twists and turns of their lives. They’ll find that even when they mess up, it’s never “game over.”
Plus, we have many excellent field trips that’ll totally enhance the summer fun.

In our Summer Camp, we focus on writing, reading comprehension, and math concepts to prepare and equip our students with the skills needed to enter the next grade level confidently. In addition, we also incorporate important courses such as writer’s workshops, public speaking, and art…etc.

Register Now and get ready to THRIVE!

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