We believe in HOPE!

At Bright Hope Education Center, we are committed to nurturing student’s minds and souls through fostering academic excellence and character development.

We are passionate about helping students excel in their learning, developing good habits and fostering a love of life and learning.

We believe that each child has amazing potential and that it can be beautifully unleashed with the right nurturing.  By working together, we can let our children shine with Bright Hope!

We are a group of caring, smart and fun educators passionate about enriching the learning experience for students so that each student can reach their amazing potential – all in love.

Our Values & Commitment


We strongly believe that it takes a healthy partnership to educate our children. We are committed to partnering with families so that quality education and experiences can continue in the home. On site, we offer classes for students in grades K-8, educating our students to grow both academically and in good character through carefully curated curriculum and caring teachers.


At Bright Hope Education Center, students will be inspired to be compassionate and grow in their love for learning. We are intentional about creating guided and meaningful opportunities for students to explore their passions so that they can grow in their identity and self-confidence. We do this with the hope that students will continue to thrive and excel in their skills with passion.


We believe that meaningful affirmation is pivotal to helping children develop a sense of identity and character. We create opportunities for students to be able to showcase their skills and talent so that they can be affirmed.


We are committed to being a positive influence in our community and our world. We want to teach and foster a lifestyle of meaningful contribution in our students and strive to be a good model of this through our various involvements, including the Feed the Needy Project and Syrian refugee help efforts.

Esther Chen


Susan Chang

Deputy Director of Administration

Carrie Yang

Assistant to Deputy Director

Elleen Wang


Vivian Oliliang


Britanny Tang


Janet Liu


James Guzman


Rachel Surjono


Amber Zhu

Teacher's Assistant

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Teacher's Assistant

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Teacher's Assistant
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Teacher's Assistant

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