Learn About Our E-Class

E-Class Program

Kindergarten – 6th


Caring and experienced teachers


Explore fun, interactive and positive learning experience at the comfort of your own home


Less than 10 children in each class.  Personal and immediate feedback for each student

Available Classes

Math Class:
Gain fluency and confidence in math while mastering essential skills, such as learning patterns and problem solving through our fun and interactive math classes! Problem solvers in the making!


Language Arts/Writing Class:
Learning the proper conventions of language and writing is an important skill for any writer.  We’re here to help unleash the writer in each student while developing their creativity and writing skills!


Reading/Language Art Class:
There’s more to reading than you think! From phonics and reading fluency to comprehension mastery and vocabulary development, our dedicated teachers are here to help students gain the skills they need to succeed as readers!


Homework Assistance:
A little bit of help all around can go a long way! We help students tackle their school homework assignments while reinforcing content and good study habits. Let’s help our students succeed by helping them become independent learners.


For students who need the extra help to catch up or moveup in English and/or Math, we offer tutoring in private (1-on-1) or semin-private (up to 3 students) sessions.


Fees: $10/1 hr session
Semi-Private: $250 / 10 hours
Private: $350 / 10 hours